The Learning Water Meter

Introducing FLUID
the Learning Water Meter


Know More. Conserve Water.
Save Money.

Know More.

FLUID gives you insights into your water use like you've never seen before.
  • Increase Awareness

    With FLUID you'll know how, when, and where you are using water at home.

  • Understand Usage

    Know how much water is used by showers, flushes, laundry, dishwashing, lawn irrigation and more!

How FLUID Works

We've made FLUID easy to install, connect and customize to your home.

Easy to Install

FLUID installs in seconds - no plumber required! Simply clamp it around the pipe and plug it in.


Use the app to connect FLUID to your WiFi network.


Understand water use by creating a Signature for each fixture and appliance in your home.



Conserve Water. Save Money.

FLUID helps you identify your water consumption habits and behaviors.
  • Set Goals

    With FLUID you can set and track progress toward monthly water consumption goals.

  • Detect Leaks

    Get alerted when FLUID identifies constant or erratic water use.  FLUID pays for itself the first time it catches a leak!

We’ve closed pre-orders for our first manufacturing run. If you’d like to get your hands on a FLUID in the next batch please join our waitlist. 



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