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Its All About Accuracy, Baby!

We’ve been hard at work trying to improve FLUID’s accuracy by amplifying the transducer signal. It has taken quite a bit of work, but we’re getting close.

For all of you technical people – the new board stacks onto the right 2/3 of our current board. What this means is that we will likely need a slightly deeper lid on the enclosure to make room for the additional height.

Here is what the additional board looks like

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Glimpse of Dubai Trip

Dubai Pics

Here is a glimpse of the trip that Colin and Josh took to Dubai to participate in the Dubai Energy and Water Authority’s (DEWA) Innovation Week. FLUID was one of five Kickstarter projects that were invited to participate. Needless to say, the DEWA hosted a fabulous event and brought together some great new technology innovators in the energy and water sectors from around the world. We felt honored to have been able to participate.

View of Dubai from Hotel Room
Dubai Pics

Event Venue
Dubai Pics

CEO, Colin Hirdman Setting Up FLUID Booth
Dubai Pics

The Persian Gulf
Dubai Pics