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INTRODUCING FLUID SERVICES, LTD: A Joint Venture Focused on Advanced Water Technologies from Fluid Labs, Inc. and Daisymill Technologies

New Company Will Accelerate Market Adoption of a Series of Advanced Water Measurement, Analytics and Leak Technologies the World Has Never Seen.

Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 4, 2018 – FLUID Labs, Inc. is announcing the formation of FLUID Services, Ltd. (FLUID Services), a new partnership with Daisymill Technologies. FLUID Services will be responsible for the global commercialization of the entire portfolio of advanced water technologies being developed by both companies.

FLUID Labs core technology, the world’s first clamp-on smart water meter, is set for roll-out before the end of the year. Daisymill Technologies works extensively with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), and the British Government to fund PhD students to develop disruptive technologies and turn them into commercially viable products. MMU’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership initiative is impacting their supporting businesses by an average of £1 million per annum after 3 years.

“When it comes to engineering, MMU is the MIT of the UK. So, this partnership allows us to gain access to top-notch talent, pair FLUID with Daisymill’s advanced water technologies and leverage the experience and depth of the team that Daisymill brings to the table.” says, Josh Becerra, founder & CEO of FLUID Labs.

Daisymill Technologies is a consortium of UK water industry experts, who have been at the forefront of innovation in recent years. Daisymill’s leadership team has worked with all the major players in the UK water industry.  

“We were impressed with the worldwide potential of FLUID and saw a lot of synergies with the technologies we’re developing with MMU. Within a month of our first conversation we were fitting a prototype in the home of a senior manager in one of the largest UK water supply companies.” says, Richard Coffey, Director of Daisymill Technologies.

Water usage and conservation is becoming a major concern for water supply companies around the world. All of the advanced water technologies that FLUID Services will be responsible for commercializing globally will help water supply companies as well as consumers identify and prevent leaks, better understand their usage, conserve water and save money.