Adjusting Timeline to Roll-out

In our last update we had outlined a timeline for rolling out meters to all of you who have pre-ordered a FLUID meter. Unfortunately, this timeline is once again being extended.

We’re in the process of writing the code so we can make over-the-air (OTA) updates to our firmware. Before shipping 1,000 meters out to all of you, we need to be able to update our firmware OTA. Without this, we’d have to request that you send your device back to us anytime we’ve got a new software or firmware release. We don’t want to have to recall devices and you don’t want to deal with this headache either.

Another aspect of our roll-out that has changed is the size of the batches that we’ve got planned. The last batch of meters we received had a very bad “yield” (meaning many of the manufactured meters were flawed or inoperable). We’ve made the decision to manufacture smaller batches of 50 and then 100 meters while implementing a series of manufacturing tests that can accompany each successive batch so that we can increase our yield considerably. We’re in the process of developing these tests as we write this.

As we receive meters in these batches, test them to insure operability and ensure they’re properly calibrated we’ll be releasing them to our Kickstarter backers (in order of date of purchase) and then to those who have placed a pre-order. We’ll be placing the order for our first batch prior to May 1 and we have been given an eight week lead-time, which means we’ll receive our first batch in late June. We’ll test them and get them shipped to you, with successive batches coming after that.

With this batch approach our hope is that we’ll see improvements in yield and after a few smaller batches we’ll be in a position to place a large order to fulfill whats left of our pre-orders.

Once again, we apologize for the continued delays. We are still making progress toward getting a FLUID in your hands.

Thank you for your patience,

The FLUID Team 

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