Manufacturing Visit A Success

Late last month our team visited our manufacturing partner in Shenzhen, China. We spent time reviewing the results of the EVT (Engineering Validation Test) and DVT (Design Validation Test). We were also able to visit the facilities where the PCBA as well as the final product will be assembled, calibrated and quality tested.

Thankfully, we have a handful of WiFi modules, so our manufacturing partner will be able to complete a PVT (Product Validation Test) in the months to come prior to receiving our large order of WiFi modules that are experiencing lead-time issues. Having this PVT done will allow us to go right into mass production once we receive our WiFi module order. We will be sure to share the results of the PVT when we have them. Thank you for your continued patience – we are making significant progress.

All in all the visit was a success and we found the facilities provided a dignified, clean and climatized working environment for the employees. Here are a few pictures from our trip:


 Our PCBA 

 PCBA Assembly


 Final Assembly

 Calibration of their other ultrasonic product.

 QA of their other ultrasonic product.

 Heading home.

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