NRE With Manufacturing Partner Nearing Completion

We’ve been hard at work with our manufacturing partner, completing final revisions of FLUID. This process has taken a few weeks longer than we had projected. On September 19th we will be spending a week at our manufacturing partner’s facility and all the non-recurring engineering (NRE) will be completed by then. This is a huge milestone because we’ll be returning with our engineering and design verification testing completed and a small batch of finalized meters in hand. We will post updates from this visit when we return on September 25th.

We’ve also been working with our parts suppliers and have run into a lead time challenge. Recently we ordered 1,000 WiFi modules and received the following message:

“Currently we are experiencing a delay for this item and will not be able to ship your order until the end of December. (Please keep in mind this is estimated and we will notify you as the product becomes available at an earlier date.)”

Thankfully we have close to 100 WiFi modules on hand. This will allow us to complete our production verification tests. This is important because it allows us to go right into mass production as soon as we receive the 1,000 WiFi modules.

Based on this information we should be shipping in early 2017. Obviously, if the WiFi modules become available at an earlier date – then our shipping timeline will also move up.

A lot of progress has been made and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We are excited to get these meters into the world as soon as possible.

Thanks for your continued support.

The FLUID Team

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