We’re Making Progress On 1st Batch of 50

In our last update we stated that we’d made the decision to manufacture smaller batches of 50 meters while implementing a series of manufacturing tests that can accompany each successive batch so that we can increase our yield.

At the time of our previous post, the off-shore manufacturer had given us an 8-week lead time. However, they hadn’t taken into consideration the lead-times for some of the parts they needed to source.

In the end we made the decision to shift manufacturing back to the USA and we are currently working with a highly reputable printed circuit board manufacturer that is ISO certified and veteran owned.

They have been able to source all the parts we need and are currently getting the PCBs finished. Once this is completed, they’ll populate the PCBs with all the parts. They’re estimating that they’ll have these first 50 sets of boards done by late August.

We’re also getting injection molding tools built. We’re trying to time everything so that we’ll have the boards and the “first-shots” from the injection molds in hand for assembly and distribution by September.

So, we’re still making progress and feel closer now than ever. Thanks for accompanying us on this journey.

The FLUID Team

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